Physical Therapy

Prevention & Management of Movement Disorders

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Physical Therapy

With billions of nerves, 206 bones, 632 muscles, and 75,000 miles of blood vessels, it’s not surprising how much can go wrong.

Throughout our lifetime, our bodies are put through numerous physical stressors, overuse conditions, strains, injuries and disease processes. At Barr Center for Innovative Pain & Regenerative Therapies, physical therapy is concerned with the prevention and management of movement disorders. Consistency is also important to the success of physical therapy; therefore, you will be treated by the same therapists for the duration of your therapy.

Physical Therapy | Barr CenterOur physical therapists are specialists in the evaluation and treatment of movement and postural dysfunction. They are interested in preventing the onset and/or slowing the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease and other causes. This is achieved by using hands-on techniques, as well as instruction in posture, balance and exercises.  Our treatment team works closely together to meet your needs through the establishment of treatment objectives and goals that can be realistically met.

Physical therapy referrals

Our medical providers will determine which physical therapy services will best improve your outcomes. We will provide you with a referral for physical therapy, and an initial evaluation and follow-up visits will then be scheduled. Physician referral for physical therapy from other doctors and chiropractors outside of our practice are welcome.  Direct Access to our physical therapists is coming soon.  We will work with your referring physician to provide the best service to resolve your pain and mobility complaints.

What to expect during your appointment

At your first visit you will be thoroughly evaluated. Your unique treatment plan and goals will then be developed including improvement in mobility, reduction of pain, restoration of function and prevention of further progression of symptoms and dysfunction. Strong emphasis is placed on patient education, as your participation in the course of treatment is crucial to the success of therapy and meeting your goals.

We will do out best accommodate your schedule. when making follow up appointments with physical therapy. Due to some insurance limitations, we many not be able to schedule physical therapy and provider visits on the same day.

Physical therapy services are often covered by insurance

Most insurance plans will cover physical therapy; however, each plan has limits and restrictions. We will be happy to inquire as to your benefits, but it is your responsibility to know what your insurance coverage is prior to your first visit. If your insurance requires an authorization for physical therapy, you will be required to have that before you are seen. Also, if you have received physical therapy at any other facilities, your benefits may be more limited, or even exhausted. If this is the case, we will try to work with you to provide the services that you need. We do offer physical therapy for those who choose to continue therapy once their benefits have been exhausted and for those who have limited Physical therapy coverage, under a fee for service arrangement. Please contact our office for more information regarding such arrangements.  Many of our patients continue treatment for wellness and maintenance of gains made during their rehab process.  This is a valuable service for maintaining musculoskeletal and postural health leading to a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Available Treatments:

Postural Restoration
Dry Needling
Vacuum Cupping
Myofascial Release
Osteopathic Manipulation
Gait and Balance training
Movement Analysis and Neuromuscular Retraining
Mckenzie Evaluation and Treatment
Craniosacral Therapy
Active Release Technique
Breath, Relaxation and Movement Retraining

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Conditions we treat are: Neck Pain, Shoulder PainBack Pain, Hip Pain and Knee Pain.  We often use Regenerative Medicine in our treatments.

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