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Read the latest Barr Center News to learn about this innovative pain management treatment center, their latest therapies, events and related news.

The Barr Center for Innovative Pain & Regenerative Therapies provides many chronic pain management therapies that have brought pain relief to patients who have tried other therapies with no success.

The Barr Center offers treatment for pain conditions that are non-invasive and opioid-free. Dr. Barr has provided pain relief for over 200,000 patients during the past 30 years. Her state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Virginia Beach, VA.

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How to Kick the Pain Habit with Dr. Lisa Barr


Throughout her 40-year medical career, Dr. Lisa Barr, a pain management doctor and author, has helped countless patients overcome debilitating physical pain. As the founder and medical director of the Barr Center for Innovative Pain and Regenerative Therapies in Virginia Beach, she ...

How to Kick the Pain Habit with Dr. Lisa Barr2023-03-14T15:01:40-04:00

IV Therapy: What’s the Real Deal?


Surprising Benefits for Health & Wellness! If you wake up one morning after partying too hard the night before, wishing you hadn't. Or if you have a terrible migraine that simply won’t go away, you might be thinking about 10 different ways to cure a headache ...

IV Therapy: What’s the Real Deal?2022-05-27T14:36:21-04:00

Update on Corornavirus (Covid-19)


As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacts more people, the staff of the Barr Center is working diligently to keep our practice open Monday - Thursday and safe for all. We want to remain connected to our patients in this time of great need. The Center for Disease ...

Update on Corornavirus (Covid-19)2021-06-17T09:08:50-04:00

Lisa Barr, Physiatrist and Author, Opens New Practice


Featured in The Virginian Pilot newspaper “There’s not a pill for every ill.” That’s Lisa Barr’s maxim. Barr, a physiatrist, recently opened Barr Medical Center, located at 933 First Colonial Road, where she helps empower her patients to manage or alleviate pain. She uses a variety ...

Lisa Barr, Physiatrist and Author, Opens New Practice2021-06-17T09:09:21-04:00

Barr Center Opens Practice


(Virginia Beach, Va.) – Hampton Roads residents can now seek non-opioid, nonsurgical treatment for a wide range of painful conditions, such as neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain, low back, hip, knee and ankle pain, at the Barr Center for Innovative Pain & Regenerative Therapies. Under ...

Barr Center Opens Practice2021-06-23T14:47:22-04:00
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