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Chronic Pain Management Articles

The Barr Center provides many chronic pain management articles to give you insight into conditions that may be causing you pain.

The Barr Center offers treatment for this condition that are non-invasive and opioid-free. Dr. Barr has provided pain relief for over 200,000 patients during the past 30 years. Their state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Virginia Beach, VA.

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How to Kick the Pain Habit with Dr. Lisa Barr


Throughout her 40-year medical career, Dr. Lisa Barr, a pain management doctor and author, has helped countless patients overcome debilitating physical pain. As the founder and medical director of the Barr Center for Innovative Pain and Regenerative Therapies in Virginia Beach, she ...

How to Kick the Pain Habit with Dr. Lisa Barr2023-03-14T15:01:40-04:00

Oxalate Crystals and Pain


Oxalate Crystals: An Often-Overlooked Pain and Detox Mystery Like many people during the first year of Covid, my diet and activity level changed dramatically. Considerable Covid stress plus the uncertainties of opening a new medical practice during those crazy times threw my regular routine into a ...

Oxalate Crystals and Pain2023-05-30T19:55:47-04:00

Laser Therapy for Pain: Cold Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy for Pain: The Most Versatile Healthcare Tool of the 21st Century The goal of Laser Therapy for pain is to photo-bio stimulate chemically damaged cells via specific wavelengths of light. Laser energy applied through the skin excites kinetic energy within cells by transmitting healing ...

Laser Therapy for Pain: Cold Laser Therapy2022-03-07T12:14:59-05:00

How Low Dose Naltrexone Helps Treat Autoimmunity


Low Dose Naltrexone was originally approved in the 1980s at a dose of 50mg to help opiate and heroin addicts. Naltrexone works by blocking the reception of opioid hormones making it easier for drug-dependent adults to stop using.  Around the mid-’80s, a doctor in New York ...

How Low Dose Naltrexone Helps Treat Autoimmunity2022-05-27T12:28:09-04:00

Genetic Testing: Biohacking Your Health


Our unique genetic makeup is an important element to understanding our health challenges and disease risk. Genetic Testing can Reveal Predisposition to Health Conditions. While our genes themselves don’t make us sick, they can predispose us to health challenges by affecting enzymes that control cellular functions. ...

Genetic Testing: Biohacking Your Health2021-08-27T11:01:07-04:00

Weakness in the Knee: Causes and Remedies


This article was featured in Costco Connections, June 2019. Weakness in the knee and knee pain keeps many people from doing the activities they enjoy. But what causes knee pain? More important, how do you make the aches and pains go away? Weakness in the Knee ...

Weakness in the Knee: Causes and Remedies2021-08-31T14:11:00-04:00

Trends in Pain Management without Opioids


This Article was featured in www.TidewaterWomen.com on March 1, 2019. Pain Management: You don’t have to live with pain. Here’s expert guidance on how to live pain-free. Here’s the sad truth. Many of us have friends, family and neighbors who have been touched in some way ...

Trends in Pain Management without Opioids2022-09-26T11:40:00-04:00

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections were originally used by dentists in the 1990s to help with implant dentistry.  Later large animal veterinarians used PRP to keep performance horses perform better and stay healthy longer. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) uses naturally occurring growth factors and signaling proteins  in ...

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?2021-06-23T14:47:04-04:00
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