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Lisa Barr, MD and her team have helped more than 200,000 patients find relief from musculoskeletal pain. At the Barr Center, we’re pain management specialists using innovative therapies to effectively relieve pain and help our patients return to a healthy and active life.

If you looking for non-surgical, medication-free treatment, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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Outsmart Your Pain!

by Lisa Barr, M.D.

The Essential Guide to Overcoming Pain and Transforming Your Life.
Learn how to kick the pain habit and master your pain from a pain management doctor.

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Pain Management Physician | Lisa Barr, MD | Virginia Beach, VA

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Our Team Approach has helped many patients resume their active lifestye.

Thanks to Dr. Barr and her team, I’m back to running marathons and enjoying life again. It’s great to be pain free!
John S.
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Each year, more than two million Americans experience whiplash. Also called a neck strain or sprain, it occurs when the head suddenly snaps forward, then backward in a whip-like motion that ...

Pain Management Physician | Lisa Barr, MD | Virginia Beach, VA

Outsmart Your Pain with Lisa Barr MD

Learn how to Outsmart Your Pain from pain management expert and physician, Lisa Barr MD. "Basically, the pain body connection is something I’ve been very passion about for some time. I’ve been focused on trying to ...

Pain Management Physician | Lisa Barr, MD | Virginia Beach, VA

IV Therapy: What’s the Real Deal?

Surprising Benefits for Health & Wellness! If you wake up one morning after partying too hard the night before, wishing you hadn't. Or if you have a terrible migraine that simply won’t go away, you might be thinking about 10 ...

Pain Management Physician | Lisa Barr, MD | Virginia Beach, VA
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