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Pain Management Patient Resources

Scheduling an appointment

To make an appointment, you may call 757-578-2260 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday or until 1 p.m. on Friday, or you may stop by our office to schedule an appointment with a pain management specialist or physical therapist. Physicians referring patients to the Barr Center may have their staff call to schedule the appointment for patients or fill out the online Patient Referral Form and fax it to our office at 757-578-2261.

Initial Evaluation wait time

Patients are generally scheduled within two weeks for a new evaluation.

Initial evaluation 

You will receive a welcome packet in the mail, prior to your visit, or you can download the New Patient Packet from this website.  It is recommended that you arrive about 15 minutes prior to your initial evaluation if you have completed your paper work, and 30 minutes if you have not completed the paperwork. After your initial evaluation, your doctor will discuss with you the most effective treatment program for your problem.

Preparing for your first appointment

To assist in making your first visit to the Barr Center more time efficient, please bring any relevant medical records as well as:

  • Photo Id
  • Insurance card
  • Any referrals from your primary care physician
  • All completed new patient paperwork
  • Co-pay, if required

We will request any other medical records, MRI’s, CT Scans, X-rays or laboratory results or MRI’s be faxed to our office from your referring physician’s office. To expedite this process you can download the Medical Records Request Form before your first visit.

Length of the initial evaluation

Generally, your initial evaluation takes about 60 minutes. Your physician will have to take a thorough history and review your medical records to determine what treatment is best for you.

Clothing to wear to the exam

You should wear comfortable clothing. Please bring shorts or sweat pants for any lower extremity problems, and women are asked to bring or wear a sports bra for shoulder problems.

Before your appointment

As a courtesy to our patients and staff, wearing of strong perfumes or colognes and/or lotions should be avoided.

Questions about your treatment

The Barr Center recognizes that diagnoses and medical procedures can be difficult to understand. Every effort is made to simply and completely answer all questions related to treatment. The Barr Center believes that patient education is critical in the process of pain management.

Scheduling follow-up visits

Follow up visits are scheduled at the end of your initial evaluation. If a procedure is recommended, it may be scheduled at that time. You will be given any necessary paper work for follow up. Please note that certain insurances require pre-authorization for physical therapy and pain management procedures. It may take as long as seven to ten days for us to obtain authorization before certain services can be scheduled. We will do our best to get your procedure authorized in a timely fashion. If you are uncertain about the status of your authorization, please contact our office.

Ride/drive home from appointment

Reflexes may be temporarily impaired from certain procedures or you may experience numbness, so arranging for a driver is an important safety precaution. You will be advised as to whether or not you will need to make the necessary arrangements prior to your procedure.

Returning to work after the exam/procedure

Yes, in most cases. However, there are a few procedures that may require patients to miss work. You will be given more information about your procedure and what you should prepare for as well as expect.

Expected improvements after the procedure

The quality and length of pain relief vary from patient to patient based on the type of symptoms, how long they have been present, their origin in the body, and the procedure that is performed. Your physician will advise you on what to expect from the procedure that is to be performed.

Lack of pain relief after the procedure

Whether the procedure relieves your symptoms or not, your physician will gather important information about the source and nature of your pain. If there is no relief, then you physician will discuss with you what needs to be further done to determine the source of your pain.

Having your prescription refilled

You can call our office at 757-578-2260 for prescription refills, Monday through Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m and on Friday between 9:00 am to noon. Please allow three (3) business days to process your request. If someone is picking up the prescription for you, an Authorization for Release of Prescription has to be completed in order for the prescription to be released.  We cannot refill controlled substances over the phone.

Medication refills must be made at the time of your scheduled appointment. This ensures that we remain in compliance with the Virginia Board of Medicine safe prescribing guidelines.

Obtaining a copy of your medical records

We will be happy to provide you with a copy of your medical records. You will need to fill out a copy of the Medical Records Release Form, and return it to the office closest to you. There is a $10 retrieval fee, and a .50 per page charge. You will need to allow at least five days for us to process your request. We will fax any records to other physicians, but you will have to come to the office to sign a release for the records.

Health insurance pre-authorization procedure

You should check with your insurance to determine if a referral is necessary prior to receiving treatment. If your insurance requires a pre-authorization to see a specialist, then you must get a referral from a Primary Care Physician or OB/Gyn to see a pain specialist for an initial appointment.

After the initial consultation, our office will obtain any future pre-authorizations, sometimes with the assistance of your referring doctor.

What insurance does the Barr Center accept?2023-04-18T23:23:57-04:00

As of January 2, 2019:

The Barr Center accepts the following insurance:

  • Optima Medicare
  • Anthem PPO
  • Anthem HMO Healthkeepers
  • Medicare
  • Tricare
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  •  Humana Medicare
  • Worker’s Comp Plans
    • Case manager or adjuster must call and schedule the first appointment
      • The following information must be provided
      • Date of injury
      • State of injury
      • Body part injured
      • Case manager or adjuster’s name and number
      • Insurance name, number, address and adjuster
Do I have to pay my co–pay in order to be seen?2018-12-06T17:08:07-05:00

Co-insurance and deductibles are expected at the time of the visit.

If I have no health insurance coverage, what is the cost of my treatment?2018-12-06T17:33:12-05:00

The costs vary depending on what type of treatment is needed. We will try to work with you to help you obtain the care you need.

What is the cost for the office visits and procedures?2018-12-06T17:39:47-05:00

Please contact the office for all pricing information.

What are the billing procedures and payment options for my treatment?2018-12-06T17:36:49-05:00

Billing procedures are simplified by sending bills after an insurance statement and payment are received. This helps to ensure correct billing. Our Billing Office can answer any questions about your bills or to help with your questions about insurance forms. Our office accepts cash, personal checks as well as VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards.

What is a deductible?2018-12-06T17:41:38-05:00

This is an amount you are responsible for based on the type of coverage you have selected with your insurance company.

What is the difference between my co-pay and coinsurance?2018-12-06T17:43:18-05:00

A co-pay is the amount designated by your carrier that identifies a set amount for the office visit. Typically there is one for your primary care provider and a different amount due a specialty provider.
Co-insurance is a percentage due, determined by your benefit plan and the contract with your carrier and your provider.

How is my cost share determined for my Health Savings Account (HSA, HIA and HRA plans)?2018-12-06T17:59:55-05:00

Health Savings, Health Incentive and/or Health Reimbursement plans are typically high deductible plans (i.e. $3,000-$6,000) where patients, families must pay the full insurance allowance for the services rendered. Once these high deductibles are met their benefits under a PPO reimbursement would activate.

When will I receive a refund?2018-12-06T18:06:24-05:00

Over payment refunds will be:

  • Processed and mailed within 30 days or;
  • Applied to open balances.

If you have any questions, please contact the Barr Center Billing Office at 757-578-2260.

When and how often will I receive a billing statement?2018-12-06T18:07:59-05:00

Monthly statements will be mailed to the guarantor’s home address provided at the time your child was registered at his/her appointment.

Who do I contact if I have not received a billing statement?2018-12-06T18:16:53-05:00

You may call our customer service line between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST at 757-668-8613

What if I have any questions about my bill?2018-12-06T18:22:17-05:00

All questions related to your bill should be addressed our customer service line between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST at 757-578-2260, Monday through Thursday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m, and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

How do I update my insurance information if it has changed?2018-12-06T18:24:21-05:00

Contact Children’s Specialty Group’s Central Business Office with insurance updates.  To contact CSG’s customer service department, you may:

  • Call our customer service line between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST at 757-578-2260.
  • Use our Patient Portal link which is located at the top of this page.

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