Tara Wheeler of WAVY-TV's Hampton Roads Show meets with Dr. Lisa Barr to talk about pain relief treatments such as Prolozone, a regenerative medicine therapy.

People call her the “pain magician.” Dr. Lisa Barr, with the Barr Center for Innovative Pain & Regenerative Therapies, returns to the Hampton Roads Show to share some of her new tricks to eliminate pain and help people get back to living life. Barr Center offers many non-surgical treatments to relieve pain, including regenerative therapies—effective and more natural ways for the body to heal. Dr. Barr shares more about the healing power and benefits of Prolozone Therapy. Delivered by an injection, it supports the body’s natural healing power with a dose of ozone to address underlying causes of musculoskeletal pain and restore one’s ability to lead an active life.

Thanks to WAVY-TV for having Dr. Barr on the Hampton Roads Show! What a great opportunity to share news of the Barr Center’s “latest regenerative medicine treatment, Prolozone Therapy.”

Watch the Hampton Roads Show’s full segment featuring Tara Wheeler with Dr. Lisa Barr here, press play on the embedded video, or read the recap below.

What is involved with Prolozone Therapy and how does it work? 

  • Prolozone is the name of injection therapy that adds ozone gas with other substances that promote healing. There are two oxygen molecules in the oxygen we breathe. But there are three oxygen molecules in ozone. This added oxygen is the special magic!
  • We have a new medical grade ozone generator that loads a syringe with a specific dose of ozone. Using ultrasound or X-ray guidance, we place a needle into the affected area (knee, hip, back, etc.) and deliver an injection of Platelet-rich plasma, Prolozone steroid, stem cells. Then with the needle still in place, we “chase” it with the ozone injection.
  • Once injected, ozone gas quickly dissects through the damaged tissue, flooding the area with needed oxygen, increasing blood flow and enhancing the energy that cells need for healing.

What conditions can be treated with Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone Therapy can help to treat and repair the following conditions:

  • Back pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Chronic neck pain

  • Degenerative discs in the spine

  • Elbow pain

  • Foot and ankle pain

  • Hip arthritis or bursitis

  • Knee arthritis

  • Scars

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder pain or bursitis

  • Torn rotator cuff in the shoulder

  • Tendonitis and tendon tears

  • Wrist pain

  • Stubborn trigger points

The applications of Prolozone Therapy are numerous and growing. If you are struggling with nearly any kind of pain, this therapy may help. If you do not see your condition listed here, call us for a consultation to see if Prolozone Therapy may help you.

How does Prolozone Therapy differ from conventional solutions of pain relief? 

  • The conventional solutions to many types of musculoskeletal and joint pain are prescription medications, repeated  cortisone injections that can breakdown tissue or invasive surgeries. We don’t do that at Barr Center!
  • Cells need oxygen to survive and heal. Injecting damaged tissue with a high concentration of medical grade ozone increases the oxygen and ozonides in the area, allowing the body to return to health faster and with fewer risks.
  • And unlike medication, the risks and side effects of Prolozone injections are very low and the benefits are very high.

How fast does it work? 

  • Some patients feel relief within days and the pain does not return, while others may need injections repeated 2-3  times.
  • Ozone is active in the body for 4-5 days after it is injected.
  • Many of our patients report that when Prolozone is injected with PRP they have much less pain in the first week following the injection.
  • No matter the cause of the problem, all healing is about having enough oxygen, blood flow and energy. But in injured or degenerated tissue, these decrease, which makes the problem challenging to heal using traditional methods.

What is the first step in getting help? 

  • The first step is to call us at the Barr Center at 757-578-2260 and schedule an appointment for an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for Prolozone Therapy.