Surprising Benefits for Health & Wellness!

If you wake up one morning after partying too hard the night before, wishing you hadn’t. Or if you have a terrible migraine that simply won’t go away, you might be thinking about 10 different ways to cure a headache and a hangover.

One sure cure is getting a 45-minute IV drip called a ‘banana bag’ or Meyer’s cocktail. Now this is not your average cocktail. This IV bag, filled with necessary hydration, vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium goes straight into your cells and organs. With almost instantaneous bioavailability this seemingly magic formula not only makes you feel good again, but it stops pain, supports immune function and promotes clear thinking. It can be given with Tordol and zofran to optimize its effect.

 IV Therapy is not exclusively for hospital patients

Gone are the days when only hospital patients receive IV drip therapy treatments. Today, many health-conscious people enjoy IV hydration therapy as a way of getting the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even medications they need to feel better and keep their body functioning properly.

Vitamin Infusion Adds Nutrients

With a vitamin infusion, your body receives nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system, which would otherwise lower the number of vitamins your body can absorb. With IV drip hydration, nutrients are instantly available, so your body can absorb 100% of what it needs before passing along the rest to your kidneys to be flushed out.

With so many kinds of vitamins and supplements available, IV therapy can deliver a range of health and wellness benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting faster weight loss
  • Curing hangover and headache symptoms
  • Treating certain nutrient deficiencies
  • Supporting immune function and gut health
  • Cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Promoting faster recovery from athletic performance and surgery.
  • Promoting better cardiovascular health and anti-aging
  • Easing anxiety and promoting relaxation and reducing pain

IV therapy formulas work because these very same vitamins, minerals and cofactors are the building blocks of our cells, driving energy production and optimizing organ function.  By fueling a variety of pathways, these substances serve as our body’s natural pharmacy cleansing it of toxins and free radicals that can damage cells, DNA and promote aging.


Detox drips are high in Vitamin C, Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid which all soak up free radicals caused by a variety of factors of modern-day life.

Weight Loss:

It’s no secret that losing weight can be hard, hence why many people turn to IV therapy to boost their weight loss efforts. In this drip amino acids and powerful antioxidants deliver fat to our mitochondria so that they can use fat to make energy. These ingredients also work to boost metabolism, prevent inflammation, eliminate toxins, and reverse some of the oxidant (free radical) damage related to aging.

Immune Support:

If you are recovering from the flu or a cold, you would benefit from IV hydration, vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C, Amino acids and Zinc.

Enhanced Energy:

IV vitamin therapy can also provide your body with a natural boost of energy. Nutrients like amino acids can help you replace the constant need for coffee, soda, and other caffeinated drinks that can otherwise flood your body with unnecessary sugar.

Beauty, Anti-Aging and Cognitive Improvement:

As amino acids, triamino and arginine help relax your blood vessels, which promotes lower blood pressure and can even address symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Calcium, on the other hand, is not only important for building strong bones, but it also regulates how blood vessels contract and dilate. Additionally, magnesium plays a role in the regulation of blood pressure. NAD+ given IV can help activate your brain cells to function better by promoting regeneration of brain tissue and protecting it against damage. This results in improved memory and cognition.

Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation:

Magnesium sulfate is an electrolyte that helps lower blood pressure and also may help calm feelings of anxiety, promotes a good night’s sleep, relaxes your muscles, supports immune function, and prevents migraines and headaches.

IV therapy benefits many people, whether that’s providing the essential nutrients they need to live, helping to improve their quality of life by addressing symptoms such as dehydration, or just simply making people feel better.

But that list merely scratches the surface of what IV hydration can do for your body. Even with today’s modern medicine, we are still discovering additional health and wellness benefits associated with intravenous nutrition therapy.

As a medical doctor, I have worked with patients for years on many of the conditions detailed above.  I could not ignore the benefits of IV Therapy and am excited about Hang 10 Drips. There are lots of IV Therapy “spas” in the Virginia Beach area; we curate unique drips to help manage complex problems.  Yes, we can cure a hangover as well!   Whether you’re visiting our clinic once to revive yourself after a wild night or scheduled there regularly to treat chronic pain, keep in mind that IV therapy, like any treatment, isn’t a cure-all. Health and wellness is really a thoughtful, slow, methodical process, while IV therapy is more of a quick fix with cumulative long term benefits when done on a consistent basis.

If you choose to try IV therapy, think of it as one puzzle piece – alongside good nutrition, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep. The more pieces you can find that work for you, the more you can create the whole picture. We use IV therapy as an adjunct with many of our Functional Medicine protocols.

Scheduling Appointment for IV Therapy

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