As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacts more people, the staff of the Barr Center is working diligently to keep our practice open Monday – Thursday and safe for all. We want to remain connected to our patients in this time of great need.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) made recommendations that impact the safety of our patients, family and staff. Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms, has a fever or those who have known exposure or recently traveled to high risk areas, please call to reschedule your appointment. We request you wear a mask or face covering to your appointment.

A staff member will be answering and triaging patients appropriately. You can call us at 757-578-2260. Temporarily, we will be closed on Fridays.

Barr Center Covid-19 Policy

Telehealth | Barr Center | Virginia Beach, VA

Learn About Our New TeleHealth Services

Non-Emergency Visits and Telehealth During Covid-19

We are converting non-emergency visits to telehealth. If you are in pain or need and a procedure, we request that only our patients attend their visit. We are happy to involve loved ones and caregivers waiting in the car or at home through a virtual meeting using Facetime or via a speaker phone during the patient visit. Taking these steps will keep everyone informed. We are always happy to escort patients in and out of the office as needed.

Thanks to recent loosening in telehealth regulations, we are now offering HIPAA compliant telehealth visits for our patients. This new service will be ongoing and available as permitted by federal regulations. Telehealth visits will make it easier for our patients to continue getting the care they need and minimize the risk of exposure. Our physical therapy department is now open. Janet Hare, PT and Carmen Cellon, PT are available to see therapy patients either in person or on Zoom.

Telehealth Information and Forms

A dedicated telehealth section has been added on the right side of the page with resources and instructions to make this new way to stay connected easier for patients to understand. A signed telehealth consent form will be required before the first telehealth visit. During these visits, we can review test results, prescribe and refill medication, order testing (as needed) as well as update treatment recommendations, and review your response to a recent procedure. We can go over your post block pain diaries and coordinate care with your other providers. Now physical therapy visits can be conducted via Zoom.

Our telehealth visits will also include health education with simple exercises to improve lung function that help calm the nervous system and reduce stress. Additionally, we will include mindfulness-based stress reduction tools, physical activities you can do at home and advice about nutrition support that everyone could benefit from.  

Staying Healthy During Covid-19 

We are here to serve our patients and encourage everyone to support their immune system by eating wholesome food, spending time outside and getting good quality sleep. We recommend that you also consider using nutritional supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamins D and A, Zinc, Elderberry, Olive leaf extract and probiotics which are believed to support immune system function. 

Practicing social distancing and good hand washing will be a necessity for all. To avoid feeling socially isolated, stay in touch with friends and family with frequent phone calls, Facetime and video chats.

Our staff remains committed to helping you “Raise the Bar of your Health”. 

Yours in health!

Lisa Barr, M.D. and the Barr Center Staff