Outsmart Your Pain

Lisa Barr MD explains in her book, “Outsmart Your Pain” about the connection between the mind and pain.  Drawing from her personal experience, Dr. Barr explores the causes of pain and how to over come the pain her patients experience.  Learn from this 30-year pain management physician about how to better manage your pain and find relief.

Dr. Barr is the Medical Director for the Barr Center for Innovative Pain & Regenerative Therapies in Virginia Beach, VA.

Outsmart Your Pain with Lisa Barr MD

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Learn how to Outsmart Your Pain from pain management expert and physician, Lisa Barr MD. "Basically, the pain body connection is something I’ve been very passion about for some time. I’ve been focused on trying to learn how to explain it in a way that people could understand it." "In my book, that's exactly what we [...]